Skin Care Benefits Of Using Mint Leaves

Given the amount of harmful substances contained in cosmetic products are soldfreely in the market, most women now prefer to use natural ingredients to care for thebeauty of their own. Many natural substances that can be used for facial and skin careingredients, surely that has many benefits, such as from the mint leaves.

Surely you often hear of mint leaves, usually used mint leaves to taste the mint in food or drink, but it can be made into materials to beautify your face and skin. This time wewill discuss about what are 

the benefits of skin care with the use of mint leaves.

Skin Care Benefits Of Using Mint Leaves

Benefits of Mint leaves for the skin
Skin Care Benefits Of Using Mint Leaves
Mint leaf turned out to be beneficial for treating skin 

1.Heal Irritation

For those of you who are experiencing irritation on the skin, mint leaves may be able to help you to resolve it. Because of its anti inflammation so that it can heal irritationon your skin.

2.Coping With Head Lice Hair

Don't worry with the hair lice failed lost, you can use the oil to get rid of it with mintmassaging your hair with the mint oil for 3-4 times a week. Mint oil serves to repelvarious types of insects, within a certain period.

3.Disguising Acne Scars

Acne is the enemy of women a long time ago, after the acne is gone there is certainly still a very highly disturbing. We recommend that you use the mint leaves to disguisethe acne scars, how just by making a mask a blend between rice mashed with mint leaves. When it is finished in create and apply on face to face You again clean and bright.

4.Overcome the Rough and chapped

Very annoying and uncomfortable if you have skin that is rough and chapped. Try using mint leaves to resolve the issue by just soaking your feet in a bucket containingwarm water of boiled mint leaves for a few minutes.

5.Eliminate Blackheads

Mint leaves can also help heal the mint leaves, it's easy just by applying the mint leaves around the vulnerable exposed face like nose blackheads and its surroundingsthen let sit for 15 minutes and rinse your face either using clean water.

6.Treat Acne

Get rid of acne is also one of the functions of mint leaves, with the use of vitamin Acontained in mint leaves, will help limit the production of oil in the skin. It's easy,simply by mixing juice mint leaves and rose water and apply on face and leave on for20 minutes then rinse using clean water until evenly distributed.

Of all the existing benefits above describe many benefits for the natural beauty ofmint leaves, you can try it at home without the need to use materials that are dangerous. Good luck with yah!

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