How to Redden the Lips naturally in 1 week only

Have red lips blushes does things that make women appear more confident, because of course they'll be more looks sexy. However, unfortunately not all women with whom he had a red lip blushes, no wonder if most women are always looking for a powerful way to make their lips become more red, thin and of course look more sexy.

If you are one of the women who have a dark lip color, now you need not worry because here will give you a few tips Redden lips in just one week away. Of course, the way the way that will be given here is very safe because it utilises natural ingredients that do no harm when in use. What are the ways how to Redden the lips? Just check out a few yuk how Redden quickly lips here.
A few steps Redden Lips in no time

Illustration of Red lip blushes in a natural way

1. use the toothpaste

There have been many who know if besides toothpaste can make teeth be healthier and whiter, can also take advantage of as a Rouge lips. It's cheap, use the toothpaste by means of applying toothpaste on the thin lips when he wanted to sleep. Well, the way to do routinely every night for 3 nights only. Read also: Toothpaste for acne, the appropriate first aid

2. Take advantage of the honey

To support Red blushes and sparkle to your lips, then you can use honey after you use toothpaste as a Milker to your lips. It's easy, you can apply honey as often as possible after you use toothpaste during the three nights. the content of vitamin C in honey can make lips shiny and Red become more healthy looking natural. Read also: 7 amazing Benefits of honey

3. use butter and vegetable and fruit consumption

After both of the above, you can use butter and honey to make your lips become more red. To make your red lips look more natural and certainly not missing, then run the pattern of healthy living by eating healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetable and fruit consumption in the right amount, then in a short time your lips are much healthier.

4. Expand the consumption of white water

Dairy white water in the right amount has indeed not v again the benefits for the skin. Well, but this is not only true for body skin saa, but also occurs on the skin of your lips. Dairy white water in the right amount can keep skin moist lips, so it does not dry lips and looking healthier, red blushes that certainly can make you more confident.

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