6 Tips for a Healthy Diet go through Menopause With Happy

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During menopause will never be avoided by all women. Menopause means the stopping of menstrual period a person. A person experiencing early symptoms of menopause are not had menses. While the other is marked by symptoms of night sweats, difficulty sleeping and irritability. In fact, most women who enteredmenopause tend to undergo a drastic weight loss.

A woman experiencing menopause begins from the age of 40 years, but does notcover the possibility of experiencing menopause before the age of 40 years. Well,therefore to reduce the effects of menopause are not comfortable you can do thefollowing: healthy diet


Iron is needed by women who are menopausal. You can find the iron in red meat,poultry, fish, eggsgreen leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
Fiber also became an important food for women who are menopausal. You can eat a variety of foods that contain fiber, such as whole wheat, cereals, pasta, ricefresh fruits and vegetables.\


For the women who experience menopause, need to be very aware of his body's calcium intake sufficiently. It's easy, you can eat two to four servings of dairy products,such as sardines, salmon, broccoli and beans. Intake of calcium for menopausal women aged 51 years or older is 1,200 milligrams per day.

3.Fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have a myriad of benefits, such as low-fat, fibervitamins and minerals. In addition, fruits and vegetables can help protect Your body's health from chemicals, such as Phytoestrogens i.e. chemicals in plants similar to estrogen.
Reduce your intake of salt and carbohydrates
Almost all women who have experienced menopause experience a problem in the stomach. Therefore, you are advised to reduce the intake of salt and carbohydrates to reduce the water in the body.


In addition to sports can make your body stay in shape apparently can also help to lower blood cholesterol levels, reducing the pengeroposan bones, improves the ability to cope with stress, improve blood circulation, enhance heart function and also can improve the body's ability to use oxygen and nutrients properly.
That's the thing that you need to apply when leading up to menopause. Every womanwill experience it, and to minimize the major changes to the body, you can apply theabove diet.

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